The Art of Style: MoMA PS1 WarmUp Party

The museum is an exquisite place of forbiddenness. Photographing, eating and touching are just some of our favorite things that are strictly prohibited in most museums around the world.

Enter the MoMA PS1, the enfant terrible of the New York museums, knocking down the doors of summer with their Warm Up concert series.

In its 16th year running, the MoMA PS1's Warm Up is an all-day concert series located smack-dab in the middle of the museum's courtyard. Talk about taking the edge off of high art, Warm Up is flush with experimental live music, food tents and even a large-scale, heat-extinguishing art installation that squirts water on its sweaty revelers.

Here, art lovers, rug-cutters and weekend dandies all gather in one place. So we stopped by with camera in hand to ask some stylish attendees this question: Does art influence your style? If so, which artist?

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