The FroKnowsPhoto Photography Challenge Will Make You A Better Photographer

Jared Polin, of FroKnowsPhoto, has issued a challenge to photographers in need of inspiration and practice.

As many of the photographers we’ve profiled will tell you, there will be walls you have to break down or even climb over in order to get and give the best that you can creatively. This challenge from the ‘fro behind FroKnowsPhoto is designed to tap into that. His challenge involves the following:

  • Pick a location (coffee shop, park bench, bus stop, school, etc)
  • Sit in that exact spot for one hour without changing spots. (You can turn whichever way you want, but not move from your seat)
  • Try to observe and capture the world around you with whatever gear you have.
  • Share the images with the world by either posting links on Youtube, Twitter, or posting images directly to the FroKnowsPhoto Facebook page.

Polin’s last request provides you with an opportunity to become part of a larger photographic community. Check out the video above for further details and tips on how to stick it out for 60.

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