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The Green Label Rap Power Rankings, February 2015

Welcome to the second edition of the Green Label Rap Power Rankings! As we explained in January’s inaugural edition, hip-hop is a competitive spot. As long as there’s been hip-hop, rappers have been trying to prove they’re the best.

In the same way ESPN keeps a running Power Rankings tracking, every month we’ll survey the hip-hop landscape and rank the ten artists making the most powerful moves. The first-place getter gets 10 points; the last-place getter gets only one. Frankly, our exact formula’s a secret—a complicated secret, and it has to be complicated. Sports is a pure numbers game, but music is about so much more.

The most important thing is that we’re only considering what that rapper did this month. Is Jay-Z a more powerful all-time rapper than Joey Bada$$? Of course—but who had the better February? This allows hungry young talents the chance to upstage their elders, who might’ve gotten fat and comfortable on success.

We also designed the system so these rankings have the potential to change drastically from month to month, and February was proof of that design. We have a brand new number-one artist, while five rappers from last month are gone, replaced by five fresh faces. So who came out on top for February? Come find out…

Images: @psimdope

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