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7. Rick Ross

Change: Debut
Overall Points: 4
Overall Rank: Tied for 15th

Could it be? Could this really be the first time the Bawse has appeared in the Power Rankings? Yes, incredibly, it's true.

While Ross has been his trademark larger-than-life self in 2015, he's actually released very little music, perhaps resting up after dropping two albums in 2014 (Hood Billionaire and Mastermind).

Whether he was simply biding his time or his creative battery needed to be recharged, Ross is seemingly back and ready to go big again. His recently released Black Dollar mixtape has his name buzzing once again, and recent singles like "Babies Cry" is the kind of high quality work that makes us believe another full-length album is on the horizon. It feels good to have the bearded one back in the Rankings—Bawse!

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