The Spot: Fade by Grey, Vancouver, Streetwear for Daydreamers and Minimalists

The hook behind Vancouver-based streetwear brand Fade by Grey is "daydreamers."

"People like to create circumstances to fade into, they daydream," explained co-founder Leon Larano. That's why their designs while minimalist, offer an opportunity to escape.

Using a palette of black, white, and grey co-founder and designer Logan Tran calls “predawn,” their first collection revolved around travel; their second “new youth” and the new generation; and the upcoming around “duality.”

When pushed for detail about what that new line might look like the 23-year-olds wouldn't budge, they did share that they're getting more technical with their designs, with a focus this season on more tailored sizing, fabric, and graphic techniques.

"We're doing something really different, but we'll still have the same aesthetics and quality," says Larano, mysteriously. "We don't like the all out kind of graphics, we prefer simple,” Tran explains.

Stay tuned. It sounds like Fade by Grey's Spring 2015 collection is going to be dope.

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