Thred: The Social Network Where You Communicate Through Pics

There are few things more addictive than rolling up into a new app and instantly making new friends, especially when the first thing you do is post something really weird.

Thred, an app by the same guy behind Sim City, and funded by the legendary Andreessen Horowitz group (Airbnb, Buzzfeed, and so many more), takes meme culture, geo-location, and smart phones mixes them into an elegant, easy-to-use social network.

The premise is simple: take any image you like, overlay it with text and stickers to create your message, and upload. You can go overboard or you can keep it understated, use it for jokes or convey serious thoughts, keep it in Thred or share it with the world via Twitter and Facebook.

We went from downloading this multi-media storytelling app to posting our first “thred” in about ten minutes. Sure, we were going for a “let’s get weird” vibe when we posted our vast collection of memes and pics from Murder She Wrote (your grandma’s favorite ’80s detective show) but it ends up that the Thred community gets weird anyway.

Like, they really get it, man. As we scrolled through the community threds we couldn’t help but notice how different the stories can be, whether it’s a two-panel knee-slapper of a gag or a twenty-pic tear-jerking tribute to a dead friend. And the format is still new, which means with a little bit of time the threds are going to get better as people figure it out. As it stands now, the possibilities are infinite.

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