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Top 10 Nike SB Kicks That Deserve a Retro Release

To say that the perception of Nike SB has evolved over the years is an understatement. Ask any skater who grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s and except for the iconic Air Jordan 1 — a shoe that many in the old school wore — they weren’t a fan of the swoosh invading their territory back in 2002. But Nike did what Nike always does when they try to step out of their boundaries and into a culture that they were not familiar with. They dug deep and really examined what the people wanted from a brand as big and as far from independent as Nike was. It was a struggle during those first few years to be sure, but in that time, Nike SB was also building up interest and support through the events they sponsored, the athletes they signed, and of course, the kicks they dropped.

Those early years had plenty of misses as well as hits, but with the SB brand still continuing to grow along with the proliferation of kids who are now starting to take an interest in the sport, some are arguing that the time is now to bring back some of those early classics. So let’s take a look at some early Nike SB releases — meaning at least 10-years-old — that we would love to see get the proper retro treatment.

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