Vans Syndicate x Harmony Korine

Usually known for his cinema, this time Harmony Korine has put his visual stamp on two classic Vans silhouettes, the Authentic Pro “S” and Slip-On Pro “S.”

Korine, has a place in in the history of skateboarding, as the author of the screenplay of the movie Kids. Starting at the age of 12, his first skateboard was a pink Nash Executioner. From his hometown of Nashville, he moved to New York, where he rode alongside other legends of the sport, including “Gonz” Gonzalez.

The mind of an artist is ever-wandering outside of the common realm. Korine was on the verge of losing his at one point (see his Letterman interviews in the '90s) but, luckily for everyone, he managed to get a grip, proving that on the opposite end of the squalor lies a bed of roses.

For Korine, that bed of roses is a fascination with colors and painting. He was quoted in a New York Times article saying "color has taken on a more important role in my life. There’s power in certain colors, and that’s probably why I’ve been focusing more on painting." Like his movies, you don’t go in expecting any linear correlation between pieces; what you get instead is a sweeping series of vignettes and candy-colored moments.

The Vans Syndicate collaboration features a plain suede ramp to contrast Korine’s custom scribbled checkerboard print. His artwork is also featured in the footbeds of both models.

Pick 'em up at Vans.

Image: Vans

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