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1. Sauce Walka, “The Kid That Did”

So I was vibing to A$AP Rocky's A.L.L.A. one day in my college apartment, and the whole album put me in a creative state. Rocky's cover artwork as well as his music inspired me, and that got channeled into the cover artwork I did for "The Kid That Did."

The way both faces on the A.L.L.A cover were both present and hidden at the same time gave me inspiration for the way I wanted to set up this cover, as far as facial positioning and the point of focus. While making this cover, I wanted to represent the new wave of music that’s coming out of Houston right now, and how the music is spreading and becoming more popular in the south and everywhere else; "sauce" oozing out of Sauce Walka and spreading all over the globe was how I choose to represent that.

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