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Who Are Your Favorite Rappers' Favorite Rappers Right Now?

We all have our favorite rappers—our top five dead or alive. From Wu Tang to Tupac and all the greats in between, every rap fan has a handful of preferred rhymers that he keeps on his iPod rotation. But what are the ones behind the microphone listening to on the day-to-day? What’s on the playlists of the top hip-hop heavyweights?

HipHopDX did some digging and found who’s influencing the rap game’s most influential influencers. From Raekwon namedropping his top picks to Kanye dishing on his favorite emcee (to our surprise, it’s not Kanye), we made some interesting discoveries in terms of who’s up on who in the hip-hop sphere. Here are some of your favorite rappers’ favorite rappers.

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