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Wild Rides: The Craziest Amusement Park Rides Ever

If there’s anything to get excited about for the summer season, it’s the opening of amusement parks across the globe. Just like all you adrenaline seekers out there, we’re more than ready to get in line for every rollercoaster in the park — well, more like cut the line with a Flash Pass for the extra 20 bucks. From Six Flags to King’s Dominion, and all the way to Ferrari Land in Abu Dhabi, the amount of rides out there are more than enough to keep you going through loops all summer long. Lucky for you guys, we’ve found some of the best amusement park rides to keep you occupied.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to spend nearly five minutes on a single ride, check out the Steel Dragon 2000. If you’ve never been on the Kingda Ka, you’re definitely in for the ride of your life. Even if you have to plan a cross-country trip to hit up these 10 wild amusement park rides, we promise it’s worth every mile — and all the added whiplash and aftershock.

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