Houston Graffiti Artist Wiley Will Transform a Community Basketball Court for #CourtsideCollection

To celebrate Mtn Dew’s arrival in Houston for Dew NBA 3X, an elite 3×3 basketball tournament taking place in six cities across the USA, Green Label is spotlighting the art, creativity, and culture of Houston.

All stops on the Dew NBA 3X Tour will be accompanied by #CourtsideCollection: a prolific local artist has been hand-selected to curate a custom gallery of up to 150 pieces of artwork submitted on Instagram by artists and fans paying homage to their city.

To have your work considered, enter using the hashtags #CourtsideCollection #Promotion. 18+, Ends 10/23/16, Rules: {bit.ly}

Graffiti artist Wiley is brightening the streets of Houston. Not afraid of color, Wiley’s cartoonish collages come with a myriad of subjects and themes—from ’90s TV show characters to flowers and fruit. He often uses ‘LOVE’ as a trademark message to uplift his onlookers.

“I’ve been installing ‘LOVE’ signs around the city of Houston and painting giant ‘LOVE’ murals for the last five years,” he told us. “It has been a rewarding project as it constantly gives me a chance to connect with people in the city I love.”

Love for his city developed at an early age: “I grew up here and got to experience the Art Car Parade as a kid, which was one of my first experiences with art, and a unique one at that,” he says. “From there I got into graffiti and started following the Houston scene. A lot of work I saw in my early days pushed me to be the best artist I could be.”

“As an artist, I’ve always hoped my art can create a positive impact. Working in the public arena, it’s very exciting to have people directly interact with your work every day. With that privilege comes great responsibility; it’s important to create something that both the everyday passerby and community can get behind.”

While wall murals are most common in his portfolio, Wiley also uses stickers, free hand spray paint graffiti, stencils, marker tags, wheat pastes, hand painted 2 x 4s, sometimes even combining mediums to devise innovative pieces. An adventurous spirit fuels his experimental approach, as Wiley’s Instagram feed is filled with photos from his travels across the US.

Green Label has tapped Wiley for its #CourtsideCollection: Houston stop, where he’ll transform and beautify a community basketball court into a functional art piece to backdrop pick-up and team games for years to come.

See all our transformed basketball courts to date here.

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